More seat time equals more attendees. But trying to come up with the ideal event schedule can take hours to build and be easy to make mistakes. Until now. See how it works:

Our Event Schedule Builder is an Excel-based tool that's easy to use, prevents errors, and takes minutes to complete. With a few key pieces of data, the tool will automatically generate your event schedule for any number of days.

Schedule_Template"Prior to using the Event Schedule Builder, I had three problems:

  1. It took forever to do the schedule
  2. I made time calculation mistakes
  3. It was just too time consuming to do "what if" versions to see how they might work out

This tool provides solutions to all three issues.  I can work faster with more flexibility and since it does many of the calculations, I have less errors.  In addition, I'm not stuck working in 5 minute increments, which I used to do to make the math easier."- Mike Smith, Regional Executive, SCCA San Francisco Region

Grab your free tool on the right, and start packing those schedules!


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