Using social media, web and email to improve membership engagement

Our special guest, Jeff Cowan from the Golden Gate Chapter of BMW CCA, shares how they transformed their club from struggling for relevance to creating a successful ladder program and running 74 events last year.

"We sold out both of our HPDEs in under 10 days with 30 people waitlisted." -Jeff Cowan

You'll learn how to

  • drive engagement through email, website and social platforms
  • improve communication and event variety
  • increase brand awareness
  • spread the work load to prevent volunteer burn-out
  • implement real-world examples in your club

This is a great learning opportunity for anyone who organizes motorsport events or participates in a leadership role of a member-based club.

Meet the experts

Jeff Cowan is the Golden Gate Chapter BMW CCA Coummincations Manager and has previously served on the chapter board in several roles including membership chair and president. From 2010-2013, Jeff joined the national board of BMW CCA as the Pacific Region VP. Jeff has 15 years experience working in B2B software marketing, managing corporate brands.   Brian Ghidinelli is the founder and creator of, the #1 place to find motorsport events online. He serves on the Board of Directors for Thunderhill Raceway and previously for the San Francisco Region SCCA. He also instructs at BMW CCA High Performance Driving Schools and Track Days, and races Spec Miata in the SCCA.


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