Small-team Senior Developer/VP/CTO

[This is a full-time, fully-remote role - no agencies or freelancers please]

A common mantra in motorsport is "look where you want to go". There is an unconscious link between your eyes and your hands - you simply can't help but to steer where you're looking. The opposite of this is target fixation, which describes staring where you don't want to go leading you to inevitably crash into it. "Eyes up" is the cue to look far ahead, take in lots of information and make good decisions.

We are looking for a senior polyglot technologist with a ColdFusion background who is "eyes up" on the future of web development. In a larger organization you would be a VP or Director of Engineering but in a small team you simply do it all. This role is for someone who wants to move their skills and career forward with a heavy bias towards Node.js, Javascript and mobile while making a material impact on the business. You love(d) ColdFusion but recognize that the future lies in a mix of technologies that can do the job better. Sound interesting? Let me tell you more...

Who We Are is the best place to organize, find and attend auto racing and motorsport events. We are like Eventbrite for anything requiring an engine: racing, track days, autocross, drifting, motorcycles and rally. We are debt-free, profitable and growing rapidly and require a full-time technologist to continue our success.

We are a small team supporting nearly 1000 clubs, racetracks and sanctioning bodies with our event management platform and marketplace. With 4,000 events managed annually by our customers, our goal is to be the number one commerce platform for motorsport events and make it easier to organize and attend events. Hundreds of thousands of event registrations and tens of millions of dollars flow through our platform annually totaling more than $100,000,000 since launching.

Who We’re Looking For

You will be person #6 on our all-remote team so you're a key player we'll depend on for technical leadership and execution. As a team, we have codified the values that are important to us. They are: impactful, adaptable, conscientious, transparent and hungry. Applied to this position, these are traits that will help us succeed together:

  • Polyglot programmer with experience working on large-scale, complex applications in multiple languages, especially Node and Javascript or mobile app development
  • Substantial ColdFusion experience, including OO usage of CFCs, frameworks like Model-Glue, ColdBox or FW/1, dependency injection like Coldspring or DI/1 and ORM.
  • Have been and/or want to be the "go-to" girl or guy on the team with a high level of ownership and responsibility
  • Experience telecommuting, working from home or running your own business and can thrive in a low-overhead, self-managed environment
  • Have a track record of regularly shipping high-quality software using modern practices like unit testing, continuous integration, development and deployment pipelines
  • Are a sharer - mentoring teammates, giving presentations, contributing to open source or blogging - you get more back by what you give away
  • Self-identify as a "do-er", someone who gets things done with a committment to make them better. You leave process, code and systems in better shape than you find them.
  • Strong data modeling skills - the ability to visualize and design complex data relationships is essential in a domain with many moving parts
  • Familiarity with CLI for running tools like Docker, Gulp, etc.

As a team, we stay connected with Slack and Google Hangout, manage our backlog with Pivotal Tracker, use Docker containers and Gulp for local development, manage source with Git and deploy to a load-balanced cluster. We use iDoneThis to track progress and hold just one all-hands meeting per week to review. We also produce a real-time live timing and race results app built in Rails called RaceHero which is deployed on Heroku.

We are an inclusive workplace. People who are smart and get things done come in all colors, genders, orientations, religions and backgrounds and are welcome in our professional but casual team environment. You can learn more about who we hire and reward:

Alternatively, view slides on SlideShare 

We have deadlines like everyone else, but because we value work-life integration, we do not expect routine long hours. A well-rested and well-rounded top performer with ruthless focus will deliver substantially more in 40 hours than a team of burnouts.

Who You'll Work With

We're a two-pizza company which means you'll interact with everyone but on a day-to-day basis, these are your two primary teammates:

Dan Broughan is the Product Designer who is very much driven by improving the user’s overall experience. He focuses his time mostly on the product, branding, content/copy and design. Dan is a hybrid designer with strong technical chops and gets his hands dirty implementing the experience in as dynamic a way as possible. Dan formerly led design for a team sports management service called Teamer before joining MSR.

Brian Ghidinelli started MotorsportReg more than a decade ago and grew it to what it is today, writing almost every line of code and marketing the application. From his consulting background, he has a deep work ethic and passion for solving customer problems. Our emphasis on "hustle" and constant improvement comes from him. You'll work with him on all aspects of product development, taking over as lead while he divides his time between coding and other CEO responsibilities. 

What We're Offering

We are looking for a pretty specific person with one foot in ColdFusion and the other in modern software development techniques and platforms. While adaptable is one of our 5 core values and we believe in life-long learning, we are seeking demonstrated experience for this role. We have plenty of challenges that require creativity and ingenuity but also the ability to make reliably good software development decisions.

  • Vacation: No limit with a minimum 2 weeks per year
  • Work environment: anytime from anywhere; regular hours not required. Any timezone or work schedule with frequent 4 hours overlap with US/Pacific.
  • Travel: twice annually (all-expenses paid)
  • Strong company culture - won't be "just a developer" on our team

We offer significant work/life integration and competitive pay in exchange for high-quality, high-impact results.

Ready to take the Green Flag?  

We hope you’re the one!  Let us know why you want to work with us and don’t forget to mention any technical side projects, open source contributions and personal websites you're involved with.

Apply by filling out the form at the top right!  As our way of showing appreciation for your effort, we will respond to all submissions but please be patient.