Customer Success Hero

[This is a full-time, fully-remote role - no agencies or recruiters please] is the best place to organize, find and attend auto racing and motorsport events. We are like Eventbrite for anything requiring an engine: racing, track days, autocross, drifting, motorcycles and rally. We are debt-free, profitable and growing rapidly and need a third member for our success team.

We are looking for a customer success hero to provide front-line support via phone and email. You will be the "voice" of MotorsportReg and interact with our customers (event organizers) and our customers' customers (event attendees). Your goal is to help everyone get the most out of MotorsportReg. Sound interesting? Let me tell you more...

Who We Are

We are a small group supporting 1,000 clubs, racetracks and sanctioning bodies with our event management platform and marketplace. With 4,500 events managed annually by our customers, our goal is to be the number one commerce platform for motorsport events making it easier to organize and attend events. Hundreds of thousands of event registrations and tens of millions of dollars flow through our platform annually totaling more than $100,000,000 since launching.

Who We’re Looking For

You will be person #7 on our all-remote team so you're a key player we'll depend on to make our customers successful. As a team, we have codified the values that are important to us. They are: impactful, adaptable, conscientious, transparent and hungry. Applied to this position, these are traits that will help us succeed together:

  • Want to be helpful. The #1 responsibility of this job is helping people be successful. It is not a fast track to product manager or CEO. It is helping motorsport event organizers put on great events and making it easy for attendees to get registered to go have fun.
  • Have huge levels of empathy. Responding to support ticket after support ticket can wear you down. We can teach you skills but if you don’t have lots of empathy, it won’t work.
  • Know how to troubleshoot. Customers are frequently vague about their issues so you must have problem-solving skills and a scientific approach to finding the root cause and solution.
  • Be a customer advocate. You must lobby on behalf of the users to make their lives better, helping us be a better company with better products. There is no us vs. them.
  • Strong communication and writing skills. You must be outgoing, friendly and relatable and should be comfortable interacting with people offline as well as online- a natural networker. Great writing skills and a track record of writing, whether it be print, online, professional, club or personal is essential.
  • Handle the occasional jerk. When someone is rude and offensive, you get even more excited at the opportunity to turn the situation around.
  • Be proactive. You’ll create and curate content to educate customers. When you see a way a customer could be doing something better, you'll reach out and offer a hand. You'll sieze opportunities to increase the depth of engagement with every customer.
  • Have a knack for details. Clubs have "chapters", "regions" and "sections" and it's important to them that we get it right. Spelling people's names right, keeping our internal systems up to date and following processes are all critical for us to build relationships and function effectively.

As a team, we stay connected with phone, Slack and Google Hangout. We hold just one all-hands meeting per week to review. You'll have a monthly 1:1 with CEO Brian Ghidinelli to discuss your needs and goals.

We are an inclusive workplace. People who are smart and get things done come in all colors, genders, orientations, religions and backgrounds and are welcome in our professional but casual team environment. You can learn more about who we hire and reward:

Alternatively, view slides on SlideShare 

We have deadlines like everyone else, but because we value work-life integration, we do not expect routine long hours. A well-rested and well-rounded top performer with ruthless focus will deliver substantially more in 40 hours than a team of burnouts sitting in front of a screen 60 hours a week.


  • A solid working understanding of modern computers (Windows or Macintosh) and common productivity software (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs).  Excellent web browsing skills (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).
  • Passion for the sport and for people- you can’t just go through the motions. You need to love this community in order to foster the same excitement and passion with the organizers.
  • Excellent time management skills- you must have the ability to batch work and self regulate to meet deadlines on projects. 
  • Ability to think through a multitude of variables to derive a “best” solution anticipating future possibilities and factors.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with a track record of writing in print or online for club, profession or leisure.
  • Prior teaching or training experience is a plus.
  • Experience telecommuting, working from home or running your own business and can thrive in a low-overhead, self-managed environment

Who You'll Work With

We're a two-pizza company which means you'll interact with everyone but on a day-to-day basis, these are your three primary teammates:

Ann Maycock began with a background in SCCA Club Racing events and business consulting before joining MSR as the first hire. She is a true user advocate, full of empathy, always seeing things from the customer's perspective. She literally receives hugs in the paddock for helping new organizations get signed on and running great, efficient events. Ann started with us while in Illinois and took advantage of our work-from-anywhere flexibility to move to North Carolina.

Katie Moosman came to us via Miller Motorsports Park and Circuit of the Americas where she was an event organizer and MSR customer before she joined our success team. Like Ann, she helps organizers transition from chaos to sanity with expert event setup and advice and answers their ongoing emails and phone calls over the season. Katie hails from Texas and holds the record for creating the biggest registration form in MSR history. You know what they say about Texas!

Brian Ghidinelli started MotorsportReg more than a decade ago, writing almost every line of code and marketing the application from the San Francisco area. From his consulting background, he has a deep work ethic and passion for solving customer problems. Our emphasis on "hustle" and constant improvement comes from him. You'll escalate technical questions to him as well as identify and collect feedback from customers for prioritization in the product roadmap. 

What We're Offering
  • Rate: Competitive, dependent on experience
  • Vacation: No limit with a minimum 2 weeks per year
  • Work environment: anytime from anywhere with flexible hours. Any timezone with frequent 4 hours overlap with US/Pacific.
  • Travel: twice annually for team get togethers (all-expenses paid)
  • Strong company culture - won't be "just customer service" on our team

We offer significant work/life integration and competitive pay in exchange for high-quality, high-impact results.

Ready to take the Green Flag?  

We hope you’re the one!  Let us know why you want to work with us and don’t forget to share any of your writing or communication samples.

Apply by filling out the form at the top right.  As our way of showing appreciation for your effort, we will respond to all submissions but please be patient.



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